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Businessinsider: Amazon calculates wrong tax rates and Volkswagen audit report 'burned' €100 million

Businessinsider: Amazon calculates wrong tax rates and Volkswagen audit report ‘burned’ €100 million


21.06. 15:13: Amazon imposes incorrect tax rates and thus harms retailers
The Amazon Sales Tax Calculation Service sometimes reports incorrect tax rates. Traders can get in trouble because of this.
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21.06. 14:56: No sales boom: TV broadcasters, brewers and Adidas complain about lack of interest in emerging markets
Perhaps the interest in the European Championship is linked to the success of the German national team and progress in the tournament.
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21.06. 14:33: Amazon Prime Day 2021: The best deals in the live tape
There are over a million deals on Amazon Prime Day 2021. We show you the best deals for Prime Day in our public offer.
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21.06. 13:30: Are grocery delivery services the next big advertising platform?
Gorillas and messages in a bottle think about advertising. The model is the Gopuff American delivery service. Customers were able to double their sales there.
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21.06. 12:53: VW Audit Report: Man They Call ‘Apple Intern’ Reportedly Burned Over 100 Million Euros In Developing Bulli
The internal audit report shows that Volkswagen transmission development costs are out of control and will reduce margins.
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21.06. 12:52: ‘Ineffective zombie airlines’: Why Ryanair is dragging European airlines like Condor one by one to court
Ryanair is suing EU rulings for government assistance from airlines. An expert explains the strategy behind it.
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