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California struggles with rain and snow

Angels. After droughts and wildfires in the summer and fall, California is now drenched in snow and rain. At Mamat Hill, 120 cm of snow fell on Tuesday (local time). In the area of ​​Mount Rose Sky in the neighboring state of Nevada, it was 180 centimeters. The California states of Mono and Inio have been warned of avalanches. And it was raining further west. According to the Meteorological Service, it has been raining 280 liters per square meter north of San Francisco since Sunday.

The Los Angeles River carried many vehicles. Two were trapped in a bridge, and one-third were beaten. No one was killed or injured, firefighters said. Further details are not yet clear.

Flood warning

After a wildfire in the summer, the rains soften the soil that trees and other plants do not like, and there is a risk of landslides. In the coastal district of Santa Barbara County, residents of mountain communities in the area devastated by the Alice fire have been asked to evacuate their homes because authorities fear heavy rains could trigger floods and landslides. Rock falls have been reported from the San Bernardino Mountains east of Los Angeles. In Orange County, police had to rescue people from mud-soaked houses.

It is not yet clear how snow and rainfall will affect areas affected by the drought. Climate researcher Michael Anderson said heavy rains had already soaked the land in October. Extra rain and snow can now ensure that there is more moisture in the soil. It was very dry before last year’s snowfall.

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According to a recent US Drought Surveillance Report, parts of Montana, Oregon, California, Nevada and Utah are lamenting the exceptionally severe drought. Any moisture is welcome. Generally, December, January, and February are the wettest months in California, with about half of the annual rainfall. Most reservoirs that supply water to states, cities, tribes, farmers and utilities rely on spring snow.