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Apps That Any NFL Fan Must Have

Apps That Any NFL Fan Must Have

True sports fans need to be updated with the latest news from the sport worth, which is where smartphone apps come in handy. Last year, the situation was a bit slowed down in the sport industry due to restrictions, but this year we quickly got back on the train and we are steaming forward.

Since the sport industry is full of news, rumors and results, sometimes it is difficult to track everything, especially if you follow different sports. You can simplify the process by getting an app that will inform you on the latest events that are happening in the industry.

There are plenty of sport related apps from gaming to entertainment, and news apps and in today’s article we will find out which of them you should download right now.

The Score

Is the best app when it comes to tracking results from all sports including NFL. However, this app provides a lot more than just basic end results from matches. It also has standings, schedules, lineups, league progression, and other valuable data that can even improve your betting strategy.

It is the one and only app that you’ll need that will keep you updated with all the scoring from the league and satisfy your statistical needs.

American Football Manager 22

Let dig deeper in the entertainment apps and find out more about games that can fill up your NFL desires. American Football Manger is a great NFL game that let’s you become the key figure in an NFL franchise and lead your team to the top.

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It is an officially licensed game that allows fans to sit on the hot seat and try to create a balanced team that is capable of winning the league. It is great just because it let’s you play NFL games on the go, and find out more about what’s going on behind the curtains of an NFL team.

NFL Game Pass

NFL game pass is just as straightforward as it sounds. This app will allow you to watch live games on almost every device since it is available for Windows and both android and iOS. Apart from watching the regular season games, this app also provides a coverage of the Super Bowl, as well as the pre-season games.

On top of that, it offers plenty of other things like downloadable games, archives, and stats that will keep you busy when there are no live games.


This is the official NFL listed app available both for iOS and Android devices. The app offers plenty of functions, from watching games (local and primetime), as well as extra videos of game highlights and interviews and other important news that circle around the industry.

The NFL App also comes with the Game Center feature where you can see minute-by-minute scoring which is worse than other live-score apps.

Twin Spires

Since we covered most areas from entertainment to scoring and news, it is time to find a great betting app.

TwinSpires is a sportsbook app with years of experience in the industry. The app is user friendly and allows many other things apart from betting. First of all, they provide you with excellent reports for matches that can improve your betting strategy, and also gives you in-depth analysis of all the things that are happening in NFL. Click here to check the NFL Futures Betting Guide by TwinSpires.

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This is also a great app for beginners who want to start betting since there is a section where you can get betting advice, top picks, and strategies that will help you earn more money. Apart from all the things that will keep you occupied during the NFL season, TwinSpires also has a news section that allows you to keep track of all the important things that are happening in the league.