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Californians vote for Governor Newsom

Californians vote for Governor Newsom

Newsom must fear for his position

California voters will vote on Tuesday whether to prematurely replace Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom from office. A group of Republicans had begun voting against Newsom. The 53-year-old is being criticized by the conservative side for his liberal immigration policy and strict anti-coronavirus regulations. US President Joe Biden has warned against a Trump-like governor of California instead of Newsom.

46 candidates are running to succeed Newsom. However, none of them are political heavyweights. His main rival is right-wing radio host Larry Elder, who has openly supported controversial former President Trump. Trump is viewed very critically in California. If Newsom actually loses his position and is replaced by a Republican – which is unlikely according to recent polls – it will be a huge sensation.

California is a Democratic stronghold. Voting continues according to CET until early Wednesday morning. Only then can a result be expected as soon as possible. However, if the result is close, it may take longer for the result to become clear.

It is extremely rare in the United States for a governor to experience such a process of out-of-office voting—it is most important for a governor to be removed from office in this way. This has happened only twice in US history – once in California: in 2003, Republican and Austrian movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger jumped to the position of governor of the West Coast state through a “no-confidence” election.

Shortly before the vote, Biden warned of a shift to the right in California. The Democratic head of state warned Monday (local time) at a campaign rally in Long Beach that if voters vote for Newsom, they risk a governor modeled after former President Donald Trump. “Either you keep Gavin Newsom as your governor or you get Donald Trump.” Biden continued, “The choice must be absolutely clear. You have a governor who has the courage to lead,” Biden said. “Vote No Means California Protection From Trump”.

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