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Sodder cannot "join the Federation as a junior partner in a coalition ...

Sodder cannot “join the Federation as a junior partner in a coalition …

The CSU chief sees a “very dangerous situation” in light of the bad polls, the bad polls have documented the “trend.” SPD Chairman Schulz has set the goal of removing the union from the government.

CSU President Marcus South He speaks of a “very dangerous situation” less than three weeks before the federal elections in Germany given the poor results of the Confederation (CDU/CSU) poll. Marcos, president of CSU, convenes a new version of the grand coalition under the leadership of the SPD South is unlikely. When asked if the second-ranked federation would again form a coalition with the SPD, the Bavarian prime minister replied on Wednesday: “I don’t think that will happen.”

“If the SPD is ahead, it will do everything in its power to eventually form a different government,” he said. South on the Deutschlandfunk website. “If the union is number one, we will talk to everyone and try to have a stable government – just not with the Left and the AfD.” When asked if the federation would again form a coalition with the SPD as number two, the Bavarian prime minister replied: “I don’t think it will happen. I can’t imagine it.”

‘The trend tends to go down’

He said you don’t have to take all the surveys at face value South. “But they’ve already documented the trend. And the trend in the past few weeks (for the Federation, note) has gone downhill.” It is now important to break the trend – there are good chances for that.

Advertise in front of Bild TV South On a Wednesday who wanted to enter into opposition at all, the union must not be first: “It is really about everything for the union. The values ​​that exist now are very troubling, but it is a motive not to give up, but the first right to fight.” But he got the impression that one or the other was flapping his wings. “Now we need to defeat a strong wing to make the thing faint.” If the Federation does not become the strongest party, it will not be available for alliance. “Anyone who thinks the union might make the junior partner, it won’t.” If union is not number one, then he is not elected and then the left has to do so.

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Schulz leaves the door of the Left Party open

On Tuesday evening, the SPD chancellor’s candidate, Olaf Schulz, described his personal goal for the Union to end up in the opposition after the federal election. Schulz did not rule out an alliance with the Left Party in the ARD “Wahlarena”.

Federal elections will be held on September 26. Angela Merkel (CDU) is no longer running for elections after four terms as chancellor and wants to retire from active politics. The joint candidate for chancellor of the CDU and its Bavarian sister party, CSU, is the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia and German CDU leader Armin Laschet.

In a poll on Tuesday, the union, which had fallen to second place after the Social Democrats a few weeks ago, fell below 20 percent for the first time. In the new RTL/ntv trend scale, CDU and CSU get only 19 percent (minus 2), current data from the Forsa opinion research institute shows. That’s just two percentage points higher than the Greens, who made 17 percent and therefore one point lower than the previous week. SPD remains the strongest force. The Social Democrats increased to 25% (plus 2). The FDP improves to 13 percent (plus 1). The values ​​of the other parties remain unchanged. In mid-July, it found a 30 percent approval chance for CDU/CSU. In the 2017 federal election, she won 32.9%.