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Campus Protests in America: Sooner or Bigger Trouble…

Campus Protests in America: Sooner or Bigger Trouble…

On Wednesday night, the protest tent camp at New York's elite Columbia University was evacuated. “Press” reporter Elizabeth Postle talked about the evacuation from the site. He and “Press” writer Anna Goldenberg studied at Columbia. They remember their time as students and characterize the current situation.

Pro-Palestinian rallies and anti-Israel sit-ins have been taking place at several universities in the United States for weeks. In the past few days, the mood has risen, particularly at UCLA and New York's Columbia University. Both protest camps were cleared by the police. In total, these protests resulted in 2,000 arrests at more than 40 universities in the United States.

“It was absolutely terrifying”

Elizabeth Postle is a reporter for the “Presse” in New York and was there during the Columbia evacuation Wednesday night and tells us; “It was absolutely terrifying.” Seeing hundreds of NYPD police officers also influenced her, perhaps because she studied at Columbia not too long ago. “Falter” is a journalist who, like Anna Goldenberg, has been a columnist for “The Press” for many years. He criticizes the demands of Columbia students and the use of the word “intifada”. Elizabeth Postl categorizes protests in terms of domestic politics: Where do they come from? Who is interested in this unrest? How is Joe Biden responding to protests?

Guest: Elizabeth Postle, New York Correspondent for “Die Press” and Anna Goldenberg, Columnist
Presenter: Anna Wallner
Cut: Audiofunnel/Dominik Launderdinger
debt: Elizabeth Postal

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