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Mercedes EQS in America: Why EQS Light Turquoise?

Mercedes EQS in America: Why EQS Light Turquoise?

No, these are not exclusive accessories for EQS, and the new light is not a marketing gimmick. A special turquoise light is reserved for Mercedes EQS and S-Class models equipped with DrivePilot.

Is the driver pilot active? Then it glows turquoise

This level 3 automated driving system is permitted in California and Nevada, USA; From model year 2024, both models will be available with Drive Pilot in both states. In Nevada, Mercedes models are also available to customers with turquoise marker lights; In California, they can only be seen in development vehicles for the next two years.

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Mercedes Drive Pilot in LA
Surprising Facts About Mercedes Autopilot

With the new light signature, Mercedes wants to gather more insights on how to handle automated driving and increase adoption. Mercedes claims that the alternative color scheme makes the autonomous driving mode visible to the outside world. “When DrivePilot is activated, traffic officers and police officers can easily know the status of the system, allowing drivers to engage in secondary activities while driving. Marker lights for automatic driving are integrated into the front and rear lights. Two exterior mirrors and in California “Turquoise There is lighting”.

Turquoise is set to be the color of autonomous driving

According to Mercedes, the color ensures reliable and quick recognition and differs from the usual colors of vehicle lights and traffic signals. In terms of physiological and psychological factors, turquoise has been proven to be the best color in a series of studies with test subjects. Mercedes now wants to set color as a standard for visualizing automated driving status “to create global understanding and acceptance of this technology.” According to the car manufacturer, there is currently no uniform framework in the US, China and UN-ECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) that provides for the use of turquoise lights in series vehicles.

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Mercedes introduces turquoise marker lights for its EQS and S-Class models with DrivePilot. These will show the status of autonomous driving and increase adoption of automated driving. Mercedes aims to make turquoise the standard color for autonomous vehicles, although there is currently no uniform framework for using these lights in production vehicles.

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