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Can you do this math puzzle better than your separate celebrity stars?

Can you do this math puzzle better than your separate celebrity stars?


March 15, 2022-7:29 PM hour

Are you better at math than ours Stars of “Split Celebrities”? That’s exactly what you can discover right now! In episode 4 you must Doreen DetelAnd the Alex Goleg & Co. It shows not only fitness, but also minds to be challenged – that is, when it comes to math. The goal is to solve an arithmetic puzzle with supposedly simple symbols. But this is easier said than done. Not only for celebrities, but also for passers-by and schoolchildren, for whom we also set the task. In the video above, we explain what the trick is in a puzzle and how to get the right solution.

Look very carefully! Can you solve this math puzzle?

Each symbol represents a number – is this the solution?


Shoes, ice cream, and a man are specific numbers. Then there’s also the “dot before the line” computation to consider…but those aren’t the only pitfalls involved in this math puzzle. Are They Smarter Than “Celebrity Separated” Celebrities?

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