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Can you solve this difficult series of numbers?

Can you solve this difficult series of numbers?

T-online regularly challenges you with challenging riddles in the video. Do you consider yourself a “mastermind”? Worry your head about our tasks.

Our challenging puzzle videos revolve around logic, shapes, and Maths. The missions present you with a challenge. As usual, time is precious. Even if, of course, we can’t control whether you need a little more time and press “Pause”. Please take this opportunity if necessary, because the tasks in our videos are very difficult.

Every weekend we have fun puzzles ready for you. The puzzle series always comes into the video on Sunday. Keep your eyes open, the clip will definitely be visible on the page for many hours. Our latest video puzzle can be found in the article above or here.

So that you don’t miss any of our videos from the last few weeks, we show videos of the last episodes for all puzzle fans:

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Logic puzzle: in 1990, the boy was 15 years old, and in 1995 he was 10 – how is it? (Source: t-online)

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Logic Riddle: Half of our number is half of 400 – what number are we looking for? (Source: t-online)

Can you find the solution?