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Sun allergy and acne in Mallorca: what helps prevent pimples?  | – Directory

Sun allergy and acne in Mallorca: what helps prevent pimples? | – Directory

Status: 06/28/2023 12:27 PM

If small red blisters appear on the skin after sunbathing, it is most likely a Mallorcan acne or a sun allergy. Tips for dealing with itching and rashes.

Lots of sunshine – Summer can be pretty cool. If not, some people suddenly develop small red blisters on their skin, causing itching, burning, and difficulty sunbathing. Sometimes the rash starts on the upper arm and gets worse each year. Blisters can appear even on the legs and insteps of the feet. Is the cause allergic to the sun? There are two different types of sun-related skin reactions: sun allergy and majorcan acne.

Sun sensitivity: UV rays are the cause of rashes

The legs, arms and chest are typical areas of the body for rashes caused by a so-called sun allergy. This is not an allergic reaction, but a disease, a polymorphic light eruption. This is caused by UV-A radiation when you go out in the sun without protection, especially in early summer. It is not yet clear why some people develop a sun allergy and others do not.

High sun protection factor and antihistamines prevent stiffness

A high sun protection factor is especially important for people who are sensitive to the sun. If an allergic reaction occurs, cooling and anti-itch creams and gels help. Allergy tablets, called antihistamines, also relieve itching. But the allergy does not go away. Therefore: stay out of the sun and let it cool down often, for example with wet compresses. To prevent sun allergies, you can gradually harden the skin with artificial UVA light early in the spring. Instead, get out in the sun a little longer each day, but always with a high SPF.

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Majorcan acne: reaction to sunscreen ingredients

Unlike people who are allergic to the sun, who haven’t applied sunscreen and whose rashes are caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, people with acne in Mallorca usually use a good sunscreen. With them, sunscreen is responsible for rashes. Because acne in Mallorca is caused by the fats and emulsifiers in sunscreen. In combination with UV rays, these substances form specific irritants in the sebaceous glands, which cause inflammation – especially in areas of the body that have many sebaceous glands: on the face, chest, and upper body.

Looking for a shade – cosmetics without fats and emulsifiers

In the case of acne in Mallorca, the only thing that helps is to cover the skin completely and stay in the shade. For the prevention of acne in Mallorca, products that do not contain fats or emulsifiers should be used. This applies to sunscreens as well as other body care products, such as after-sun products. Whether they’re with or without fragrance is a matter of taste — but fragrance-free products are better for sensitive skin.

Cooling aloe vera cream and zinc ointment will help treat pimples

If blisters appear, quark or aloe vera creams can cool and prevent inflammation. Vinegar water is suitable for drying sun blisters. Zinc ointment belongs in your holiday baggage as a first aid: it has an anti-inflammatory and anti-itching effect.

Proper sun protection is critical to recovery

The best and still the best way to improve rashes is proper sun protection: in case of sun allergy, use an SPF of at least 50, in the case of Mallorcan acne, avoid products with fats and emulsifiers.

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