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Canada can win the Ice Hockey World Cup

Canada can win the Ice Hockey World Cup

Russia beat Denmark 3-0, and Great Britain beat Austrian rival Belarus 4-3 in the Olympic qualifiers.

With its first victory at the World Ice Hockey Championship in Riga, Canada reserved its chances in the quarter-finals. After three defeats, the 26-time world champion came on with a hard time 4: 2 (2: 0.1: 2.1: 0) against Norway on Wednesday. On the other hand, the German team suffered a setback after three wins with 2: 3 (0: 0.2: 1.0: 2) against newly promoted Kazakhstan. Belarus, Austria’s Olympic-qualified opponent, lost to Great Britain 3: 4 (0: 1.1: 2.2: 1).

Canada got off to a perfect start. Adam Henrique of the Anaheim Ducks scored after 22 seconds and helped Donor Connor Brown (Ottawa Senators) score 2-0 (10). But Norskier drew with Thomas Valkvay Olsen (30) and Mats Roseli Olsen (31), and another surprise was in the air. Andrew Mangiapan of Calgary Flames (35th) and Henrique (51st) achieved Maple Leaf success. They should now win the rest of the matches in Group B and hope to help them reach the last eight.

Despite the three victories, the Germans still needed points. The reigning champions Finland, USA and Latvia are due to be held on Saturday. The Kazakhs had previously defeated Finland and Latvia on penalties, losing to the United States.

In Group A, Russia beat Denmark 3-0 (0: 0.1: 0.2: 0) in their fourth match to seal their third victory. The British were already 4-1 against Belarus, and had to concede two goals, but saved their first success in the regular 60 minutes over time. Belarus is one of the opponents of the ÖEHV team in the Beijing Olympic Qualifiers at the end of August.

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