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“Nobody expected it”: Austria celebrates Klagenfurt after a festive performance against St. Pölten – Bundesliga

The SK Austria Klagenfurt Standing with more than one leg in Bundesliga. The Carinthians fought back from landing on Wednesday SKN St. Pölten 4: 0 from. Fabian Messenbock (33), Marcus Pink (39, 91) and Cosmas Jesus (72) have turned Wörthersee Stadium into a crazy home with their punches.

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Peter Bakoult exclaimed after the historic match: “You can just pick up your hat on how my team is running this match. We said in the meeting: We have to be courageous, we have to try to play our game, and we have to face it. Everything happened. We noticed at the beginning that we are not really going to play. Against a Bundesliga team, then we found our way. There was no pressure, we relaxed slowly and got into the game well. Public praise for what the team did today. Nobody expects it to end like this. We only played in the first half, but we have. Big progress, we can go to St. Pölten with a lot of confidence without slouching, ”the Viennese citizen said to Sky.

Patrick Grill analyzed the match very cautiously and did not see any decision yet: “It’s a good starting point, but I’m not really happy yet. Another game on Saturday is not over yet. It was planned to give everything and give the fans a good match. We stopped everything. On Sunday, today we were in a great defensive position and played well up front. I saw that I could play in the German Bundesliga, the whole club could play in the Bundesliga. Hopefully we can do it on Saturday. “

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Fabian Meissenbock said in an interview with Sky: “We gave a great performance today. I couldn’t dream of it better. We haven’t done anything yet, it’s going to be a very tough match away from home. It was well deserved, and we knew the quality we were doing,” And we played really well in the second half of the whole year, and that’s what we put in. Great cross, important goal if I went 1-0. I was without a club for four months, ligament tore and broken toe and now I’m back, so it could go on. Felt a slight stitch in the thigh But by Saturday, everything will be successful. “

Double-goal scorer Marcus Pink stated, “He puts a really good start, now it’s time for a two-day renewal and hitting everything again on Saturday. We were very disciplined and took the first two chances right away. After the first half, we came out well, and we coped well with “The pressure stage in St. Pölten and then we scored goals in time. I am happy that I was able to help the team. We have to confirm that on Saturday and then we will see where we are.”

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