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Cape Town bid farewell to Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Cape Town bid farewell to Archbishop Desmond Tutu

South Africa honors the late Nobel Peace Prize winner with an interfaith memorial service. Purple was at the forefront of the celebration.

Cape Town invited him on Wednesday with an interfaith memorial service The late Archbishop Desmond Tutu are taken. Representatives of the traditional Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim and African faiths held prayers in honor of Cape Town’s first black Anglican Archbishop.

At the colorful ceremony at the Town Hall, many relatives and politicians wore purple in memory of the deceased’s purple church robes. One of the emotional highlights of the memorial service was the appearance of South African singer Zulani Mahola, who sang an unofficial anthem for the anti-apartheid struggle with the song “Paradise Road” in the 1980s.

Singer Zolani Mahola sings “The Path to Heaven”.APA / AFP / RODGER BOSCH

Table Mountain and City Hall shone purple

Both City Hall and the famous Table Mountain, which overlook Cape Town, are lit up purple at night all week, also in memory of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Cape Town Mayor Gordon Hill Lewis confirmed to AFP that the color also had historical meaning: During protests against apartheid during apartheid in the 1980s, police often sprayed protesters with purple paint with the help of water hoses. Identify and arrest them more easily.

Tutu, who won the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize for his opposition to the apartheid regime in South Africa, died on Sunday at the age of 90. He will be buried on January 1.