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Hofburg elections: Vienna FPÖ president restores Hofer

The president of the Freedom Youth Club and the president of the FPÖ Club in Vienna, Maximilian Krause, calls for the Austrian Freedom Party’s special candidate for the federal presidential election. Krause sees “many ÖVP politicians thanking” incumbent Alexander van der Bellen as “more than an embarrassment”. With the third president of the National Assembly, Norbert Hofer, a predetermined candidate for the FPÖ, Krauss put former rival Van der Bellens in the position.

No left counterweight necessary

Recently, Ingrid Korosik, president of the ÖVP Senior Citizens Association, spoke out against the ÖVP candidate if the current federal president decides to run again in the fall. Krause labeled the ÖVP votes today in a written statement as “the ÖVP has given itself up as a bourgeois party”. He appealed to his party that “a non-left counterbalance to the current federal president is absolutely necessary.”

During his tenure in office, Krause said, “van der Bellen acted in a biased manner, excluded liberties from jobs without reason, defeated his party and looked the other way when there were flagrant violations of fundamental rights.” What we need is someone at the head of the state who “has the general interests of Austrians in mind”.

Krause confirmed that Hoover would be a definite candidate. However, if the latter decides not to run, the FPÖ will have to send another suitable majority figure to the race, he demanded. Hoover himself was recently cautious about the issue of his new candidacy in an APA interview and announced that he wanted to make a decision very late.

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