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Cape Town continues to fight major fires

Cape Town continues to fight major fires

Mount the table on fire

Downtown covered in smoke and ash

And in the South African tourist city of Cape Town, firefighters encountered a major fire that broke out over the weekend on Tuesday. After high winds made it impossible to use helicopters to fight the fires on Monday, it started again on Tuesday, according to firefighters.

While the city center was still covered in smoke and ash, the first cleaning work began at the university. It will remain closed until Friday. About 4,000 students fled their homes there, under threat of fire.

Historic buildings are on fire

Several historic buildings – including a library of rare historical books – were set ablaze. According to Minister of Education Blade Nzimande, an aid fund for the university has been established. And the private sector called for donations for the reconstruction. Additionally, according to the university’s administration, offers of assistance are arriving from all over the world.

Great fire in Cape Town

The fire focused on Table Mountain, a Cape Town landmark, near the cable car station on Tuesday. According to rescue services, the fire broke out on Sunday morning. She added that the cause of the fire may have been a campfire set by a homeless person. A 35-year-old Tanzanian arrested on arson charges appeared briefly in court on Tuesday, and according to his lawyer Shajan Balram, he protested his innocence. Balram said in front of the cameras that he did not light the fire, but wanted to extinguish it. The trial was postponed for a week and the Tanzanian remains in detention for the time being.

Table Mountain and the surrounding National Park are under nature protection. Severe fires are common in the dry season in South Africa. However, this year’s season, which ran from mid-November to April, was the first severe fire in the region.

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