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Supreme Court overturns decision to halt eviction

Supreme Court overturns decision to halt eviction

Drhe is american Supreme court Declaring an eviction moratorium is illegal for tenants who have defaulted on rent payments. Congress was unable to agree to a change in the law, and accordingly the CDC extended the moratorium under pressure from the White House. The majority of judges decided that the EPA had gone beyond its remit. Three liberal left-wing judges voted against it.

It is unclear how many tenants are now threatened with eviction. While there was talk of as many as eleven million Americans, experts now speak of a few hundred thousand. According to a survey conducted by the Census Bureau in mid-August, nearly 1.3 million tenants consider eviction likely and about the same number of tenants at least as possible.

However, Congress approved about $46 billion in rental subsidies. At the end of July, only about five billion were recalled. The state and local authorities are responsible for the low volume of payments. However, the August survey also showed that nearly five million Americans failed to apply for grants despite defaulting on rent payments.

Homeowners argued against the moratorium that they would be under financial pressure to service their mortgage loans. Debt is growing on both sides. Rental debt is increasing, while landlords are forced to take out new loans to finance old ones.