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Captain Brandner will remain on board until 2025

Captain Brandner will remain on board until 2025

Positive start to derby week for second-tier football club FC Blau-Wei Linz: Captain Michael Brandner has extended his contract until 2025 ahead of the home game against FC Juniors O on Saturday. “It was a relatively easy decision for me. The club is looking for Blue and White they have goals and they want to lead them to the Bundesliga. Giving up all of this would not have been the right thing to do,” says the 27-year-old.

Especially now that the midfielder has also turned into a goalkeeper: Salzburg has already scored three goals this season, most recently in a 3-0 win over Rapid 2, who still has big plans with Linz this season: “We want to play up front. If we end up in the top three, it will be a really successful season.” The sports chief was also happy to sign the contract: “We managed to get the king’s extension. It’s also an important signal to the outside world for next season.”

This year’s promotion battle will be watched from afar because there is no stadium in the Bundesliga. On the other hand, the FAC could make it exciting again: the Vienna side, who have applied for the Bundesliga license, could move to a point over leaders Lustenau if they win a catch-up match against Kapfenberg.

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