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Captain Müller sees Germany defeat to US ‘not far off’

Captain Müller sees Germany defeat to US ‘not far off’

Defender Moritz Muller lines up defeat in World Cup Test against USA Germany will be a better part of the team against Sweden at the start of the tournament.

Moritz Müller’s word carries weight in the team. The 36-year-old is in demand not only in the dressing room but also among the press. Because the Cologne defender has the most international appearances for the German side with 186 caps. Because he has already participated in two of the eleven World Cups Olympic Games participated. And as Mueller tackles the problems, he gets to the heart of the situation.

The defender can sort out the 3:6 defeat in the last friendly match against USA. After the match at Munich’s Olympic ice rink in Oberwiesenfeld, the captain came out of the Red Bulls dressing room where the experts at EHC Munich had changed to organize a dress rehearsal. “We weren’t very far. I think the result may not fully reflect how the game went. I thought we did a lot of good things,” Muller said after the match in a surprisingly well-stocked Olympia. – Ice ring.

It’s in football town Munich, especially after the talented performances of the local DEL team, on Tuesday evening 5028 spectators created an amazing atmosphere in the obsolete ice rink, which was not necessarily expected. However, as the number plates of the vehicles in the parking lot next to the ice rink were exposed, the national team attracted many visitors from surrounding areas as well.

Ice hockey test match against USA: Germany’s pace was perfect

Fans wanted to get a picture of the German team against a meaningful opponent. Team America Starting at the World Cup and even represented in the same group as Germany. The tournament for the German team starts in Tampere on Friday. The USA will be back in action next Monday. Then it’s all about points. Until then, national coach Harold Gries will work hard on the system with his team.

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Christian Künast knows where ice skating still pinches him. “I think we make mistakes in one or the other when we think forward. There are some things that need to be fixed defensively. You can see from the pace we played,” said the German sporting director. Ice hockey of the Federation.

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In fact, the German team suffered three defeats in one evening against the Americans. 3:6 with German goals from Dominik Cahun (2) and Daniel Fischbuch after 60 minutes, 0:1 in extra time and 2:4 in the penalty shoot-out, in which only Maximilian Schüber and Friedrich Tiffels scored for the hosts. Both teams agreed to extra time and penalty shoot-outs to practice this scenario ahead of the World Cup.

Indeed, the German team matched up well against the physically strong Americans. However, degrees are not mandatory. The opposition gave the German team a lesson in shot toughness, accuracy and efficiency. National goalkeeper Matthias Niederberger held firm from newly-crowned champions Munich, but had to clear the puck 11 times from his own net in an evening. However, it is not the German goalkeeper, but the quality of American titles.

German defense is recognized as a problem area

Security has been identified as a problem area. But Germany’s defense will look completely new at the World Cup. On Wednesday night, the national coach cut four defenders from his provisional squad. Dominik Bittner (Grizzlies Wolfsburg), Tobias Förler (HC Umbri-Piotta), Marko Novak (Eisperan Berlin) and Mario Zimmermann (Straubing Tigers) were left out of Germany’s World Cup squad. Upgraded with NHL top defenseman Moritz Seider and AHL defensemen from North America Kai Wissmann and Leon Gawanke, the defense is significantly improved.

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Ice hockey defender Moritz Scheider is like “Spiderman”.

Captain Müller expects a boost from the whole team, especially Seeder. “I told him, ‘It’s like Spiderman – with great power comes great responsibility’. I think he took responsibility in that situation.” Muller was referring to the 22-year-old’s World Cup commitment, which was initially canceled due to minor injuries. Seider also kept in mind that the most important contract negotiations of his young career with the Detroit Red Wings could come later in the summer.

However, participating in a World Cup with seven games in twelve days always involves the risk of injury. The 22-year-old disciple is likely to become a multi-millionaire in a matter of weeks. “I have to say with respect to Mo that he’s coming. We know his situation. You know what’s coming to him in Detroit,” Muller added: “Still, to say, ‘I’ll do it’ — that’s a real A. Strong performance from him. Appreciate it.” On Wednesday, the German team flew to Tampere with the Americans. Friday (7.20 pm/Game 1 And Magentasport) comes from the first preliminary round. America is a tougher part than waiting. Against eleven-time world champions Sweden.