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SPÖ-Regner: USA Abortion debate causes setbacks for women’s rights worldwide

The European Parliament is voting today on a resolution on abortion rights in the United States

Vienna (OTS / SK) “It’s thrilling to see what’s happening in the United States now – a return to the politics of the 1950s and a setback for women’s politics worldwide! Plans to ban abortion immediately have already been announced, and dozens of them have already enacted legislation that would take effect immediately if the verdict is overturned.Politicians in the United States, for the most part, take it upon themselves to rule over women’s bodies and to prevent abortions. We must also have the opportunity to decide! One thing we must not forget: restricting abortion rights c It does not lead to abortion, but it does lead to more women dying! Safe abortion is no longer possible, especially for women from socially disadvantaged families. “****

“New York is committed to being a safe haven for women across the country, but there’s one big problem: not everyone can go to another state or a nearby private hospital. Due to low supply, abortion is becoming a luxury item accessible only to a small section of the community. In the present country, it is provoking social injustice and social divisions, ”Reckner said anxiously.

“In many areas, the world is designed to follow the United States: so the risk of misogyny spreading into Europe is not far off. We see: In Poland, doctors have had to report pregnancies to the Federal Register since early June 2022, and then check to make sure they are not. Do not clearly position themselves against, thus denying millions of women the right to determine their own body. We also see here in the European Parliament. I am amazed that in 2022 such patriarchal structures will be even more represented! ” Said Reckner. (Close) lr / up

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