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Car updates 2024 – New Year’s surprises |

Car updates 2024 – New Year’s surprises |

The good news, at least for everyone who still wants to try the electric experience in 2024: that the €5,400 insurance premium for private buyers still applies. Currently, there will be no change to the cancellation of the vehicle insurance tax, and there will be no change to the input tax deduction for all electronic forms and the in-kind exemption for companies and self-employed people. However, this may finally mark the beginning of the last rosy year for electrification. The Treasury is already blatantly insisting on the end of tax gifts from 2025, and from then on, electric cars will likely be required to pay according to their horsepower and purchase prices.

Already, in the second half of 2023, online sales fell to less than half the temporary peak share of about 17 percent of total volume. The current registration numbers are mainly embellished by short registrations of unsaleable lots with dealers and importers, while factories are partly reducing the production of battery models to basic output.

And the winner is: China

However, in 2024, it will be the Chinese brands that are most likely to be laughed in the face first: they are recording significant growth in battery electric cars, which are also feeding on the dwindling sales of European brands, and will push ahead with car production. Battery operated electric. More affordable entry-level models in 2024. Above all with BYD Seagull – the intelligently designed 3.8 meter compact vehicle offers a WLTP range of up to 350 kilometers depending on battery size, and with 75 hp, sufficient motors for the city and surroundings With it.

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