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Electrification or not: 'Wrangler will always be there'

Electrification or not: 'Wrangler will always be there'

When a Jeep invites you into the snow, when adventure participants know: it's going to be fun. This was also the case a few days before Christmas, when Wrangler models without doors and rear-view mirrors were ready for trips in the snow-covered Kuhtai region of Tyrol.

With a hood, gloves and heated seats, the path led up and down the mountain. The Wrangler handled the slippery challenge flawlessly, albeit with a little difficulty. Admittedly, the terrain was difficult and the ground was very slippery. But mistakes? no one!

Back in the warm room, a Jeep spokesman spoke about the immediate future of Jeep. The audience was amazed. Because the American brand has its hand on almost all models. Like the Wrangler, for example, which will undergo a facelift in 2024. The openings in the radiator grille have become narrower and new colors are being mixed. The central screen inside grows from 10 to 12.3 inches. The program and menu are currently being reviewed. Apple's CarPlay and Android Auto systems link wirelessly to the infotainment system. “Then we'll get into the digital age with the classic off-roader,” the Jeep man said.

Renegade: From 2024 as a hybrid
Image: Rebel

Fully electric Wagoneer

The new Wagoneer S will also be a milestone next year, landing somewhere in the Grand Cherokee segment. As a premium SUV. Driving will be limited to all-electric power according to the specifications of the Jeep Stellantis owner. In other words: The Wagoneer will be a fully electric car with four-wheel drive with a range of up to 600 kilometers. The SUV will accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.5 seconds, according to the spokesman. Time horizon? “It will be submitted in twelve months!”

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The Recon is also fully electric, and the doors can be removed, like the Wrangler. Of course only on private property, because driving without doors is not allowed in public places. The Recon game will switch between the Avenger and the Wrangler.

Electrifying or not: "The Wrangler will always be there"
Cold fun in Kohtai
Image: work

The Renegade and Compass will use the same hybrid engine technology from 2024. Electric in the front (48-volt starter generator), combustion engine in the rear. The petrol engine (130 PS) and plug-in hybrid (130 and 180 PS) remain in the range.

The Grand Cherokee is also undergoing a facelift. Like the Wrangler, the luxury SUV retains permanent all-wheel drive. “Important: all components remain waterproof,” says a Jeep spokesperson. The liquid does not cause any damage to the interior. Usually pocket.


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