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Carinthian Felix Auschmautz misses bronze in kayak single «

Carinthian Felix Auschmautz misses bronze in kayak single «

Felix Auschmautz put on a flawless run in the white aqua slalom and narrowly missed the bronze medal.

9.37 AM, July 30, 2021


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Felix Auschmautz finished fourth with one kayak. © AFP

Felix Oschmautz On Friday he barely missed the fifth medal for Austria. In the K1 final of the white water slalom at the Tokyo Olympics, Carinthian presented himself without error and finished fourth. Winning is guaranteed with the best time Jerry Prskavec (91.63 seconds) ahead of the Slovakian Jacob Gregar (94.85) and German Hannes Aigner (97.11). With 98.79 seconds Oschmautz had a chance to win the medal until the finish, Prskavec was the last driver to snatch it.

In the semi-finals, Auschmautz showed a good performance, but he had to shiver for a moment because he made a mistake In the last goal with a penalty kick in two seconds He was not directly qualified yet. The Japanese who started after him were much slower, so the qualification of the 22-year-old Carinthian was fixed in ninth.

The fastest in the semi-finals was the Czech world champion Jerry Prskavec before the French Boris Nevo The American athlete Michael Smolin.

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