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Werder tweet: Tyrolean FPÖ not complaining to the football club

Werder tweet: Tyrolean FPÖ not complaining to the football club

The Tyrolean FPÖ will not complain to German club Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga after tweeting about an FPÖ event in Zillertal (“a clear advantage against the Nazis”) at the beginning of July he announced. Such actions usually go to the Supreme Court (OGH) and cost a lot of money, “in this case tax money,” Tirol FPÖ President Markus Abwersger explained to the APA the main reason for the current decision.

“We don’t want to risk that, especially in these times,” Abwersger said. The party head of state stated that a total of four lawyers were consulted in the case, all of whom are specialists in such cases. The two of them would have given very good chances for a lawsuit, while the other two were somewhat skeptical.

“Positive mood in the country”

According to Oberzger, “the incredibly positive feedback from the state’s election campaign, and the positive mood in the country” were also critical to the current measure. The FPÖ party won more than three percentage points in the elections held at the end of September and came second for the first time. “We are now the decisive and strongest force in the opposition and we have an enormous commitment. Our full energy goes to the Tyroleans, not to the court proceedings,” the party chief explained. Bremen caused “a great deal of damage to the area” as a result of this operation. “The enthusiasm for this club to remain in Tyrol is no longer the same. I have labeled 19 percent of Tyroleans as Nazis. In general, we have received an incredible amount of positive feedback, especially from Bremen residents who are ashamed of the club,” said Aboeersger, a civil lawyer.

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The reason raised a lot of dust in July. On July 2, the FPÖ’s “working day” was held in Zell am Ziller in the run-up to the following Sunday’s state party congress in Schwaz – thus also the state elections on September 25. FPÖ President Herbert Kekel also participated. Werder Bremen at the same time was in a training camp in the city. Finally, the club posted on Twitter, where a kind of truck trailer from the FPÖ can be seen and next to it – a bit inconspicuous – Kickl is standing on the podium. Werder social media managers preempted “Clear Edge against Nazis” with the sentence: “We feel so much at home here that we’re also defending it in #Zillertal.”

‘Unbelievable insult’

The Tyrolean FPÖ viewed this as an “incomprehensible insult”, comprehensively labeling all members and sympathizers as Nazis and downplaying the crimes of National Socialism. Despite the request, Werder Bremen did not apologize. Then the Freedom Party announced that it would prepare a lawsuit, for example for insulting honor, and bring it to the Regional Court of Innsbruck.