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Caro and Andreas Robbins full of ideas for Mallorca projects

Caro and Andreas Robbins full of ideas for Mallorca projects

The bodybuilder pair made a brief appearance in an episode of Goodbye Germany filmed in the US

In the most recent one Goodbye Germany Episode 3 (American Dreams: Beauty, Bikes and Fitness Ice Cream)It aired on Vox on January 22nd and is currently in the media library, Mallorcan expats Caro and Andreas Robbins also made a small appearance, related to their trip to America during the vegan year.

The bodybuilder couple who won the RTL reality game show “The Summer House of the Stars” in 2020 visited their fellow expats, Alessandro and Stephanie Bonaventura. The latter run two ice cream shops in Los Angeles, where their customers include Hollywood stars such as Jennifer Garner and Jimmy Kimmel. Robbins was particularly interested Healthy protein ice cream with “low calories and no sugar”. On sale.

A visit to Muscle Beach in California is part of a Mallorcan expat's must-do plan during his or her visit to the United States.

During the American trip, which was documented in a 90-minute special program on RTL+ for two weeks, Caro (45) and Andreas Robbens (57) experienced even more adventures, as they told MM.. “We got married for the third time in Las Vegas.And her husband Andreas added: “It's not cheesy, and Americans take it completely seriously, and that's great.”

Before that, the two Germans were in Los Angeles and Gold Gym Muscle Beach on Venice Beach – It is almost necessary for both of them. This is where Arnold Schwarzenegger started a fitness boom in the 1970s that countless powerhouses still follow today. Andreas Robbins exclusively told MM: “I got ideas for machines there, which I also bought. Including one One of Arnold Schwarzenegger's favorite machines is the pull-over machine.

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The two reality stars have been planning to open an outdoor program called Muscle Beach in Playa de Palma for some time. Caro Robbins explained in this regard: “Andreas has known Muscle Beach in California for years. I saw him for the first time. We also thought about what we could do differently and better once Mallorca got the permit.”