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Cartoonist Martin Bershid dies |

Cartoonist Martin Bershid dies |

German cartoonist Martin Bershid has died at the age of 55. With Martin Perscheid, you will not only lose out on one of the best and most popular cartoonists in comic art, but you will also be a role model and pioneer, according to Martin Sontag, Caricature Gallery Director.

Antje Huebner, program director at Lappan Verlag, recalls Perscheid’s black humor: “He didn’t just want to play with his cartoons, he wanted to take a little piece. Where it hurts and where others prefer to turn back because it’s almost unbearable. We mourn for one.” The greatest German cartoonists.

“His courage in looking into the human abyss of sexism, racism, ignorance, corruption and stupidity and the way he captured all this with biting irony and black humor in the cartoons was unique,” ​​she lauds an obituary of Carlsen Publishing House.

Since 1994 Prescied Cartoons Published in several newspapers, his first book appeared in 1995. He has created more than 4,300 cartoons under the title “Birchhead Abyss” and has won many awards, including the “Max and Moritz Prize” for Best German Comedy Series. Bierscheid died of cancer on July 31.

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