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CLASSLESS ACT - First album "Welcome To The Show" 06/24/22

CLASSLESS ACT – First album “Welcome To The Show” 06/24/22

CLASSLESS ACT today announced the release of its debut album “Welcome To The Show” on June 24, and released a new single and video titled Time To Bleed via Better Noise Music. Justin Hawkins of THE DARKNESS, who previously worked with the band on “This Is For You,” came to the studio to help tune the song.

CLASSLESS ACT IS CURRENTLY ON THE ROAD WITH DOROTHY IN GIFTS FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT TOUR. After already attracting attention with the songs “Give It To Me” and “This Is For You (with Justin Hawkins of THE DARKNESS)”, the announcement of their upcoming debut album comes ahead of their tour with MÖTLEY CRÜE, DEF LEPPARD and CM. MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Vince Neil will also appear on one of the tracks on the album.

Bassist Franco Gravante, who produced, mixed and co-wrote the song commented: “IIt’s one of the first pieces of music I wrote for recording two years ago. But I couldn’t finish the song. We got some magical dust sprinkled on Justin Hawkins that gave me the confidence to know this song was on record. But the record has already been made and delivered. So we called the poster and said, Hold on! Then we called Keith (Nelson), booked a studio and 37 hours later, he was on tap and is now coming out! It was almost. I think they are still cleaning up the mess we made. Takes what it takes, you know? “

Justin Hawkins adds: “It was a pleasure writing with these young people in the early Covidien era. It soon became clear that I had underestimated their music and talent. They are having a really good time rock and roll with smiles on their handsome faces and I am proud to contribute. Good luck guys !


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track list:
Law Without Layers (feat. Vince Neil by MÖTLEY CRÜE)
This Is For You (with Justin Hawkins)
It’s time to bleed
on my phone
all we are
made in hell
The storm before the calm
chasing love
walking paradox
Give it to me
Thoughts from a dying man