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Casemiro talks about leaving Real Madrid

Casemiro talks about leaving Real Madrid

Manchester United

It has finally become clear since late Monday night that Casemiro is a Manchester United player. So, after nearly a decade, the midfielder is turning his back on Real Madrid. During a media tour, he made it clear that he had been considering a change for some time.

Casemiro has been specifically closed due to his transfer during the Monday in Madrid Manchester United Held a press conference he said goodbye to his heart club – to Real Madrid Casemiro has played nearly 340 competitive matches since January 2013 and won the Champions League five times, among others.

“When you make such an important decision, it is difficult,” said Casemiro, who spoke to his advisor for the first time after the Champions League final at the end of May. At the time, he told his friend that he felt that his time at Concha Espina was over for him.

Casemiro on the decision process: “I’m honest with everyone, I’ve thought about it. He told me to go on vacation and be calmer. When I came back, the feeling was the same. Feeling, happiest to be a man in the world, the duty is done. My mission has been accomplished”.

Up to 82 million euros for Casemiro

Before the Monday classic match against Liverpool FC United have officially confirmed Casemiro’s transfer. Bonus payments could be up to €82 million, Casemiro initially signed over the next four years. Moving to the island, the 30-year-old says he made the right decision.

“I wanted to take on a new challenge, get to know a different league and a different culture,” Casemiro said. “I didn’t win anything there. I want to help like I helped here.”

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Incidentally, his massive salary increase, Casemiro is said to earn twice as much as he earns in Manchester (net 9 million euros), has never been a decisive factor in the change: “People are wrong when they think that and they don’t know me.”