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WM: From the big screen to the boycott

WM: From the big screen to the boycott


Immediately before the start of the World Cup in Qatar (Asia), the hosts of Salzburg oscillate between the big screen and total rejection. In any case, the once-popular public broadcasting of World Cup matches in Salzburg’s pubs has faded away.

A stern “no” to send comes, for example, from ARGEKultur in the state capital: Since Qatar’s World Cup ambassador literally described the mental harm of homosexuality, you suffer mental harm and show nothing.

The position of the Baar Academy in Salzburg’s Andravertel, once a bastion of such broadcasts, is entirely negative: the World Cup is not boycotted, it is ignored because of the way it is awarded in the desert state and the abuses there.

Rossbräu and Sternbräu with public viewing

The Rossbräu on Alpenstraße reacts differently to a similarly long tradition of football broadcasting: Guests want to watch football, and that’s what they say.

Sternbräu in the Old Town operates in a similar way with a big screen in its fan area. Gambswirt in Tamsweg (Lungau) has separate rooms for football broadcasts, a whole hall in Stadtkino Hallein (Tennengau).

Mitterseller Hotel with Solomon’s Solution

The theme of “sensationalism” was solved in the style of Solomon at the Heizmann Hotel in Mittersill (Pinzgau). If someone wants to watch a game, they turn on a TV in the dining room. There is room for about a dozen scenes.

However, the usual public scenes in a guest garden will be avoided. One reason for this is the unusual time of year for the FIFA World Cup with fairly wintry temperatures. In addition, this World Cup has also been met with criticism and rejection from many interested parties, says host Lenny Gassner.

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