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Ceferin continues to threaten Premier League clubs with exclusion

Ceferin continues to threaten Premier League clubs with exclusion

UEFA President Aleksandar Ceferin has threatened the remaining founders of the Premier League with exclusion from future European Cup competitions. “Anyone who continues to participate in a Premier League company in the future will not be able to play in UEFA competitions,” the UEFA president told SPIEGEL.

The Slovenian has primarily targeted the co-initiators Real Madrid and Juventus of Turin as well as FC Barcelona and Milan, who have not yet officially announced their final exit from the project. “Our competitions would be great without these four teams,” Ceferin said.

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He sees the league’s collapse as exemplary. “I tried it once and it failed,” he told Spiegel. This also makes future negotiations about the equitable distribution of funds easier for the umbrella organization. “Now we can say: Want to be selfish? Then try the Premier League again.”

Twelve top European clubs, including six from the English Premier League, shocked European football Monday night by publishing their Premier League plans. This could have entered into direct competition with the UEFA Champions League, which has been highly critical of these plans as well as the World Football Association and a number of leagues and national associations.

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