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Close 1: 0 - Sahanek returns Austria to Ländle without points!  - Second degree

Close 1: 0 – Sahanek returns Austria to Ländle without points! – Second degree

In a duel between two neighbors at the table, he won FAC Vienna against SC Austria Lustenau Very close with 1-0. In a very close match with few convincing chances to score, Marco Sahanic clinched the match with a converted penalty in the 75th minute for his colors.

Confident from the back, poor in the front

It was Lustenauer who started the match with even more pressure. Alexander Kane’s team had no problems at the back – only in attack, as they lack penetration. Although the Lustenau team repeatedly showed good tactics, especially on the left side by Ranacher, Berger and Jaby – the guests couldn’t create a really good chance to score in the first 45 minutes. But FAC also wasn’t very creative in attack, only Marco Sahank was always a thing. This was also the case in the 36th minute, when Schierl was only able to aim his shot over the bar with great difficulty. The goalkeeper also showed his class on one occasion through Schmid and responded strongly from close range (34).

Your piss is freezing cold

After the break, the match was very balanced. However, FAC came out of the break better and had a good chance via Jurdik – Schierl closed the short corner (46). Sahank was also one step ahead: after some good preparatory work from Schmid, the ball missed him, and Austria lucked out (56th). But on the Lustenau side, little happened in front of goal: a long-range shot by substitute Wallace (62) was the visitors’ best chance in the second round. FAC performed better: MVP Marco Sahanic scored the decisive goal after a penalty kick (75). Lustenau got a dangerous header via Tabakovi – Gensirajic was there (90./+1). Thus, FAC saved the lead over time and simultaneously improved to eighth place in the table.

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The second league, the twenty-fifth round

FAC Vienna – SC Austria Lustenau 1: 0 (0: 0)

FAC Place 0 Viewers SR Untergasser

rip: 75 – Marco Sahanek (Foulelfmeter)

Starting XI FAC: Gensirajic – Rassner, Popalovic, Blavotec, Holzmann; Sahanek, Krainz, Felber, Skrivanek; Jordick, Schmid

From Eleven Lustenau: Schierl – Gmeiner, Maak, Cissokho, Berger; Baye Graber; Stephanon, Gabby, Rancher; Tabakovic

By Fabian Bear / Photos: Harald Dostal /