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Celebrities Under the Palm Trees (Saturday 1): Prince Marcus' exit video deleted - what does the TV station want to hide?

Celebrities Under the Palm Trees (Saturday 1): Prince Marcus’ exit video deleted – what does the TV station want to hide?

Celebrities Under the Palm Trees: Saturday 1 Deletes a video clip of Prince Marcus’ explosive exit – but too late.

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Celebrities under the palm trees: Prince Marcus von Anhalt (54) Monday evening April 12 shocked millions of TV viewers with homophobia. Sat 1 had even deleted its Facebook checkout video, but by then it was too late.

Phuekt – The harmony on Dream Beach in Phuket disappeared at the start of Season 2 Celebrities Under Palm Trees (all news here) Relatively fast. Just a few hours after twelve participants moved on to the reality TV show (Here are all the candidatesFlowed inCelebrities under the palm trees“A villa in Phuket pouring alcohol. 2.23 million TV viewers turned Loud a.

Famous under the palm trees: Prince Marcus was completely drunk on the first night

Prince Marcus von Anhalt (all info here) Move to the dream home first. No wonder Maximilian Michael Prinz von Anhalt’s adopted son poured himself cup after cup until all of the participants finally moved in. Looking excited and excited, the 54-year-old uttered one misogynist after another (The luxury of nearly 2000 square meters – that’s how luxurious the “celebrities under the palm trees” are in the villa)

With each trophy, the statements of the prince, whose fortune is said to be estimated at 120 million euros, became more ugly. When the “Celebrities Under the Palm Trees” gathered for dinner at the pool house, the situation escalated – due to the prince’s anti-gay statements (Candidates attack each other – escalation in the first episode?)

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Celebrities under the palm trees: Prince Marcus insults Katie Pam

Prince Marcus insulted gay Katie Pam in front of the cameras with “gay”. The prince was clearly drunk and no longer able to suppress his anti-gay stance. “It’s disgusting when two men kiss.” Prince Marcus said, “You can be a joke artist, that’s what I am into, I think it’s cool, but you have to fuck a woman.” “Being gay is not normal.”

With his anti-gay remarks, the prince made himself unpopular not only with roommates with “Celebrities Under the Palm Trees” (he was fired right at the end of the show): a dirty storm erupted against the nobleman on Twitter and Facebook. Saturday 1 published a statement during the live show:

“We want to make it clear that we do not share the anti-gay statements made by Prince Marcus von Anhalt. To us, all people are equal.” Saturday 1 had to face the bullying allegations last year: The bullying attacks among participants that were broadcast by the private radio were extremely violent. Has Saturday 1 now pulled the emergency brakes and deleted a video on bullying?

Celebrities under the palm trees: Saturday 1 deletes the video of an explosive exit from Prince Marcus – what does the station want to hide?

Why did you delete the Saturday 1 video of Prince Marcus von Anhalt’s exit shortly before midnight?

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suspicious: Just a little later, Sat.1 posted Prince Marcus exit video on Facebook. The TV station wrote about the post: “Prince Marcus von Anhalt is director number one! Once outside, he reveals: What does the most beautiful prince in the world think about the candidates in the villa.” Did Prince Marcus drag the other participants into the mud in the video? Or did the former brothel owner, who was born in Pforzheim, share his anti-gay views again? He deleted the Saturday 1 video shortly thereafter, but by then it was too late because:

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The video already had over 220 comments at the time of deletion. Quite possibly Saturday 1 wanted to prevent another storm due to homophobia or bullying. The next episode of “Celebs under Palms” will be shown next Monday at 8:15 pm Saturday 1 or Joyn (All broadcast times and anytime with Joyn in the Media Library).

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