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A celebration of Johannes Brahms at the Musikverein in Vienna

A celebration of Johannes Brahms at the Musikverein in Vienna

What began in November with the Second Piano Concerto and Third Symphony in Magnificent Constellation with pianist Igor Levit is now turning into a music festival with the First Piano Concerto in D Minor, Op. 15, and the “Second” in D-major. Because Thielmann, Levitt and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra act as one musical soul. The absolute harmony, the wonderful give and take, can be experienced between a kind of Beethovia's thunder and the fragrant floating passages.

Levitt tones brilliantly, balancing expressiveness and gentleness, impressing with crystal-clear attacks that are precisely delivered, brilliantly displaying his artistic personality in demanding solo passages and communicating deftly with the orchestra.

The slow movement is disturbingly beautiful and sublimely tense. This is quintessential music making.


The Philharmonic soloists also demonstrated their musical excellence in the Second Symphony. The trumpet solo is unparalleled, and the woodwinds are masterful. Thielemann creates exquisite musical tones, relies on very precise and soft lines, and reproduces the sudden fluctuations between melancholy and bright joy in a breathtaking way. applause!

Susan Zobel

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