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Central Matura: No example in mathematics was ever solvable

Central Matura: No example in mathematics was ever solvable

Oral make-up exams will be held in schools today and tomorrow. The tasks are determined centrally. One had problems.

Confusion erupted among math teachers at several high schools this morning. You must provide make-up test examples for high school graduates who scored “insufficient” on the written admission test. Shortly before the exam, some teachers did a quick calculation of the examples themselves. However, they could not solve one of them. As the Press emphasized in some education departments, it was not at all solvable.

Around 7:30 AM, the first complaints were received by the education departments. So a letter was sent to the school administration even before the compensation check started. In it, the Ministry of Education acknowledged the problem. Sub-clause of the example “Unsolvable”. So the point should be awarded to the students in any case. Other examples can, as stated in the letter, but can be edited “without restrictions”. Education departments also reported in response to a “journalist” request, possibly “unfortunate wording.”

This is surprising. Because the Ministry of Education puts a lot of effort into developing models for Central Matura. Not only are the tasks of the written exam centrally determined, but also the tasks of the compensation exam. It is considered part of the written entrance examination. However, remedial exams are conducted orally. Usually, many high school graduates improve their fives here.

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