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Character Design: Fourth, mods are still handcrafted

Character Design: Fourth, mods are still handcrafted

Christina Schatzder’s costumes at Belvederegasse 35 are as unique as the people who wear them.

Vienna / Wieden. “Char rạk ter couture” is the name of the fashion label that designer Christina Schatzeder has run from her studio at Belvederegasse 35 since 2017. “Before I took over the atelier, it was a tailoring shop. I thought it was nice to have a studio with its fabrics and machines,” says Schatzeder.

So some things have remained the same. Schätzeder makes various clothes according to the wishes of its customers, but also designs its own models. They can be found in the back of the studio, where you can take a closer look and buy them. Airy white dresses go well with pink checkered coats and brightly colored dresses.

From Paris to the Ivory Coast

Schätzeder finds inspiration in all possible areas of her daily life. Something that has had a lasting impact on her fashion is her experiences in Paris and the Ivory Coast. “I’ve always been drawn to other countries. I moved to Paris a few years ago because I love the city,” remembers the designer.

“There I worked with a designer and then moved to Ivory Coast, where I was able to produce and studio for six and a half years,” she continues. “I fell in love with the colorful and creative fabrics of Ivory Coast. Each tapestry was unique. I think it’s nice that the focus is not on mass-produced goods but on individual pieces.”

Better local than online

Her brand name is also derived from this thought: Because everyone has their own personality, every piece of clothing is different. Diversity is very important to her. “What I love are the versatile garments that you can wear on both sides or different ways,” the designer continues. Refers to a skirt that can also be draped as a dress, and another dress, the neckline can be arranged either closed or angled.

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Schätzeder wants to connect more with the creative minds in her region and promote local crafts together.  |  Photography: Salem Taha Ali Muhammad

In the future, Schätzeder would like to communicate more closely with the craftsmen and women of Grätzl around St. -Elisabeth-Platz. In the past, for example, she would regularly organize a pop-up shop with other designers and creatives in front of the church.

“I find it exciting that there are so many women-owned businesses here. That’s why we said we wanted to get together more and show that you can also shop local instead of online,” the designer reveals. “There are still artisans and shops where you can shop to see where something comes from and who’s behind it.”

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