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Boss Rossmann: “If Timo doesn't follow the rules, he must…

Boss Rossmann: “If Timo doesn't follow the rules, he must…

The pharmacy boss says the cheap Chinese platform should take responsibility for ignoring the law. Consumer advocates accuse Timo of misleading customers.

The head of the pharmacy, Raoul Rossman, believes that the cheap Chinese platform “Temu” should be punished more severely for ignoring the law. “In Germany there is freedom for questionable digital business models,” the head of the Rossmann chain told the Handelsblatt newspaper (Sunday). “If Timo does not adhere to the rules, he should simply be shut down.” Rossmann sees France as a model, where fines and advertising bans will be imposed.

Low-cost Chinese markets, such as Temu and Shein, have long been in the crosshairs of politicians and observers because of their trading practices. Both the federal government and the Federal Association of Consumer Organizations (VZBV) platform accuse Temu of misleading consumers with apparently arbitrary discounts, questionable reviews and manipulative designs. The Chinese company denied these allegations. Consumer advocates are considering a lawsuit.

Timo excuses himself

Secretary of State for Consumer Protection Christiane Rohleder recently pointed out that the EU Digital Services Act has banned the manipulative design of online platforms. “It is therefore important that these regulations are implemented now,” Rohleder said.

Temu justifies itself: “Many of our vendors are manufacturers who traditionally supply stationery stores,” a spokeswoman said in April. Use recommended prices, which are based on in-store prices, and highlight savings accordingly. The updates also reflect the real situation of stocks. (APA/DPA)

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