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Characteristics of vulnerable people

Characteristics of vulnerable people

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Empathy and a desire to help are positive personality traits. It becomes dangerous when people forget themselves and “burn out.”

Most people want to be recognized and admired by others. This is often associated with the desire for harmony. It is precisely then that some people adhere to other people's ideas, put aside their own needs and cannot say “no.” It's often about agreeableness, especially towards people you don't know well yet and on whom you want to make a good impression, for example with colleagues. The extent to which a person tends to be particularly selfless, helpful, and kind is certainly a feature of his personality. However, there are risk factors that can increase the risk of burnout due to these characteristics.

Risk of burnout: People who are very kind and self-sacrificing may be more susceptible to burnout

People who work in helping professions such as doctors are in the group at risk for burnout. (Avatar) © Maren Fischinger/Imago

In addition to people in leadership positions, social workers, teachers, police officers, and doctors are particularly at risk for burnout. Often these are people who impose very high demands on themselves and do not want to admit weakness despite the pressure from the double burden of family and work. People at risk of burnout usually:

  • cooperating
  • committed
  • Ready to perform
  • Change me
  • highly motivated
  • Perfection
  • sympathetic
  • In need of harmony
  • Perfect

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But not everyone with these personality traits automatically suffers from burnout. Various factors such as personal and professional crises must be met and combine to increase the risks.

However, burnout is not always easy to recognize. Some doctors diagnose depression instead of mental exhaustion syndrome. In any case, “fatigue” should be taken seriously and treated early in order to prevent a more serious disease, says Al-Ma'rifa Magazine. Domain mentioned.

This article only contains general information about the health topic in question and is therefore not intended for self-diagnosis, treatment or medication. It does not, in any way, replace a visit to a doctor. Our editors are not permitted to answer individual questions about medical conditions.

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