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This site shows you what Hubble and James Webb are currently targeting

This site shows you what Hubble and James Webb are currently targeting

The Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, USA provides scientific support for NASA's space telescopes. The institute is the manager of everything done in space using instruments, and is therefore the source of all important information.

NASA's tool has improved dramatically

The institute began service in 2016 NASA Space Telescope Live He developed a web application that would provide real-time updates of Hubble targets. The institute has now expanded its offerings to include current information on the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). This means everyone can now see current, past and upcoming observations from the two important space telescopes Hubble and JWST.

Thanks to a redesigned user interface and expanded functionality, users can now easily see which planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, or other regions of space are within range of Hubble and JWST.

Detailed information leaves no questions unanswered

The information is quite detailed. This makes it possible to know exactly where these targets are located in the sky and what scientific instruments are used to record images, spectra and other data. You can also see exactly when notes are planned and for how long, as well as the current status of the note.

Anyone interested can also read about who is leading the research and what the purpose of the observation is. The zoomable sky map behind the service focuses on the target and has been supplemented with images from ground-based telescopes.

However, the live service does not contain live images

Important details, such as target name and coordinates, planned start and end times and the subject of the search, flow directly from the monitoring planning databases. Links direct users to the original research proposal. More technical information is available from there.

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Because the Hubble and Web data undergo pre-processing and, in many cases, pre-analysis before being released, the Web app, contrary to what the name might suggest, does not provide real-time images. The Space Telescope Live service is designed for use on both desktop and mobile devices and can be accessed via the official website Hubble– And Web-NASA websites can be used.

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