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Charging cables should become the standard in the EU and USA

Charging cables should become the standard in the EU and USA

The integration of the charging plug into the USB Type C standard has already been decided in the EU. Some senators want to implement a similar model in the United States.

As one of the few technology manufacturers, Cupertino-based Apple still opposes the use of the USB Type-C standard as a charging connector. However, in the EU, all computer peripherals and electronic toys with an integrated battery must be equipped with a USB Type-C connector as a charging port. This restriction affects many devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, cameras and notebooks.

A similar regulation to reduce the amount of electronic waste is now preferred by US senators. The planned expiration of the links can be costly to the consumer and can lead to disappointment if the relevant links are not created.

In the United States, however, there is a growing number of critics from Republican factions who see opportunities for free competition and innovation as restricted. In addition, the use of a proprietary link is always another protection factor against improper use. By eliminating additional chargers and charging cables, technology companies can save even more costs.

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