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The Austrians dominated the opening game and then lost to the United States

The Austrians dominated the opening game and then lost to the United States

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The Austrian men’s record is 1: 1 after the first day of the FIBA ​​3 × 3 World Cup. Present against Egypt The Austrians won the opening match 22: 8.

The red and white reds are in a good mood, especially from a distance, and sink ten to two points in total. After a while there is a fight with a title rival with the United States, and again the Austrian team is very confident.

The Americans are finally getting challenged, and for a moment before the favorites finally win at a ratio of 21:17 it seems like a sensation. In the first two team matches, the Austrians clearly prove that they can trust themselves in this World Cup even without Philip Kramer.

Egypt 22: 8 against Austria
Tuesday, 7.05pm – Antwerp

What a start from the Austrians! In the first few seconds Matthias Linordner did not hesitate for a long time and scored two goals in “Downtown” to make it 4-0 quickly. Nico Goltenbrunner, who also had the difficult task of defending Egyptian playmaker Mido “Cairo Irving” Mohammed, fled shortly afterwards. Nico Kaltenbrunner not only caused problems for Noble Tripler, but also sunk four long-range shots in the next few minutes, thus ensuring a comfortable 16: 7 lead with a time of over four minutes on the clock. The powerful Austrians were now seen as more and more optimistic, restricting regeneration and forcing the Egyptians to err. Martin Trummel and Steven Coltonbrunner were also able to discover and write their own rhythms. More than two minutes later, the game ended just as it had started: Linordner rose to a two-pointer – Swiss. Final score: 22: 8 for the most confident Austrian.

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Matthias Linardner, Austrian player: “Fantastic first game. They gave us a lot of space and we used the opportunities to score our shots. Now we can breathe, and then it goes to the United States. “

Goal scorer Austria: Caldenbrunner no. 9, Linordner 7, Dirmal 4, Coltonbrunner S. 2.

Austria vs. United States 21:17
Tuesday, 8.35pm – Antwerp

The start of the game was defensive, with only 3: 3 in the third minute. The Austrians took advantage of this fact and Linordner pushed his side to the lead with his second long-range shot in the young game – despite tight defense. But America was now awake, which in turn allowed two two-pointers to follow in a matter of seconds. Three possessions, six points – that’s 3 × 3! Now the Americans have finally found their rhythm and are showing off their playing ability with a dunk, an alley-op and a block, which has already put them 13: 7 ahead. US 3 × 3 players benefited from the Austrian inattention to the rebound, which they used for a second chance. Despite these mistakes, the Austrian team did not want to give up so easily. A successful Linortner driver followed a Trmal two and the Austrians came back into the game with four minutes left on the clock. However, when the Red and White Reds then lost possessions again and again and their sixth team made a mistake, the fight was finally in favor of the American favorites. Again, the answer to the local 3 × 3 stars was ready. Nico Kaltenbrunner could not stop while moving the basket, Trmal sank back from a distance and Linortner scored in an attacking rebirth zone. 17:17 With 50 seconds left, the feeling was in the air. But then a sudden result, as you can only enjoy at 3 × 3: America got the ball, and Kidney Brutus, who was better that evening, immediately started a two to find his target. Moments later, America fought back for the blue and yellow skin, and the ball landed again with Brutus, who this time tried his luck from “downtown” and turned it into ice. Despite a battle to watch, the Austrians were defeated 17:21.

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Martin Dirmal, player Austria: “In the second game against the Americans, I would not say they won, we lost it. Some of the decisions we made in crime were not very wise, we did not do the easy things, we wanted to do the hard things. We lost unnecessarily. If we had a little more luck in the open throws, it would have been completely different.

Goal scorer Austria: Linordner 9, Dirmal 5, Caldenbrunner no. 2, Coltburnner s. 1.

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