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Charlene von Monaco: After the surgical marathon and the flight ban!  This is what the otolaryngologist says

Charlene von Monaco: After the surgical marathon and the flight ban! This is what the otolaryngologist says

Charlene von Monaco suffers from a severe ear, nose and throat disease. An expert explains exactly what’s behind it and what your trip plans have to do with it.

About the health status of Charlene von Monaco The 43-year-old has been whispered repeatedly in the past few months. Because the beautiful princess has been stuck in her old home in South Africa since May due to a serious ear, nose and throat disease prevent you from traveling targeting. At least this is the official statement made by both Charlene and her husband Prince Albert (63) Don’t get tired to record it. actually Multiple operations You must be a mother Gabriella and Jack (both 6 years old) Let yourself bear. However, The Princely House keeps more details to himself. Just a few days ago, Princess Charlene was again under the knife. This time it should last intervention before returning to Monaco. But is this really the case? The time will appear. has now worked with ENT doctor Dr. Bernard Jung-Holsing talked about how dangerous and difficult ear, nose and throat disease can be. His interpretation is equally astonishing and shocking.

Charlene von Monaco is positive and brings a smile to her face. Body language expert Sascha Morgenstern reveals in the video above why we still have to worry about them and the hidden messages hidden in the picture.

How bad is Princess Charlene’s illness really?

“Sinusitis is one of the most common diseases. Information about the Princess’ disease is very general. It seems to be the result of an acute infection in May,” says the ENT doctor of Starnberg and head of the state for specialists in the otolaryngologists’ union before us more than we want to know from him what is meant Acute inflammation of the ear, nose and throat. Then it becomes more specific: “After sinus infections, which are usually bacterial, pus is encapsulated in the sinuses in rare cases encroaching on the eye cavities.”

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Are symptoms a sign of Charlene of Monaco?

And it’s not just the consequential damage that can be serious. No, the stresses and limitations of daily life should not be underestimated in acute otolaryngitis, the expert knows. Dr. explains. Bernard Jung Holsing. “Daily life is primarily affected by decreased concentration and performance.”

It is not known if Charlene von Monaco also has to put up with some of these issues. But at least these fears would explain the changing appearance of the beautiful princess. because In recent photos I have repeatedly noticed that the 43-year-old looks thin and fragile. Her state of mind has also prompted speculation over and over again. Because many do not take away the smile of Albert von Monaco’s wife in photos.

She reunites with her family - and Gabriella has a hairstyle like my mom

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Does Prince Albert’s wife suffer from a cerebral fistula?

Another topic brought up in a conversation with otolaryngologist Dr. Bernhard Junge-Hülsing shows, of course, the processes that the Princess of Monaco had to undergo. Because even if the palace has repeatedly commented on the state of Charlene’s health, fans have waited in vain for detailed information about what exactly was done. That is why we want to know from the expert what operations can help alleviate or, at best, eliminate ear, nose and throat diseases.

“Microsurgical and endoscopic surgeries help improve access to the sinuses. The FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) procedure, which is endoscopic functional, function-preserving and controlled sinus surgery, explains the otolaryngologist, who worked in Starnberg near Munich for 21 years. Of course, such an operation is not completely without risks.” Complications can include severe bleeding from injuries of the atypical great arteries, eye sinuses with muscle and nerve injuries up to blindness in one eye, and damage to the base of the skull with leakage of cerebrospinal fluid . The latter is called a liquor fistula. Then, this hydrocerebral fistula must be covered in a second, costly operation. After this operation one should not fly for four to six weeks, the doctor said, before adding: “Whether the infection of the base of the skull with insula, the fistula cover and the fistula of the Princess is unknown.”

Ear, nose and throat doctor d. Bernard Jung-Holsing talks about aviation with an ear, nose and throat disease

In general, Dr. Bernard Jung-Holsing said the announcement that the princess would not be allowed to fly was understandable. “When pressure equalization is necessary, i.e. when landing, when descending and ascending to the surface, but also when skiing and gondolas, for example, there is acute infection of the junctions of the nose and nasopharynx in the cavities, which leads to damage and injuries with bleeding but before Everything is so painful.”

This may be the reason why Charlene von Monaco is stuck in South Africa and can’t be with her twins and husband. But if all went well and all the problems were resolved during the last operation, then one can hope now. And maybe we’ll see Princess Charlene again very soon in Monaco.

We are also concerned about the miniature Princess Gabriella of Monaco. Charlene’s daughter is in a wheelchair. You can see the animation in the video below.

What happened there?  Little Monaco sitting in a wheelchair!