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Chasing times for important Q2 places

Chasing times for important Q2 places

9:31 AM

Moto3 FT3: Highside Fellon

10 minutes left, Lorenzo Fillon crash 8 turn with a runaway rise! Sasaki manages to dodge across the meadow. Everyone is fine, but this was a tough situation.

09:29 am

Moto3 FT3: Best time Fuji

In the dry areas, it goes well for the vice world champion. Foggia was recorded at 1:42.037 minutes. On the next lap he has four red sectors and improves his target time to 1:41,820 minutes.

09:19 am

Moto3 FT3: Ranking

After the first round, most drivers get into the pits. Suzuki leads the rankings, ahead of Sasaki, Guevara, Fujiya, Rosi, Toba, Tatai, Minyo, McVeigh and Yamanaka.

09:15 am

Moto3 FT3: Sasaki in good shape

After breaking the injury, Sasaki is in good shape. The Japanese lead the time ahead of Guevara, Suzuki, Rossi, Toba, Garcia, Tatai, Mineo, McVeigh and Fujia.

9:11 am

Moto3 FT3: Whatley Crash

The British rookie from Holgado was pushed into Turn 8 and forced into a gravel trap. There’s Whatley crash right before the barrier. Nothing happened to him. This is not good, because the newcomer is now missing out on important training sessions.

Moments later, Adrian Fernandez crashes into Turn 5.

8:59 AM

Moto3 FT3: How’s the weather?

Blue sky, sunshine and dry path greet us today! So yesterday’s results on a wet or damp track are a waste. You’ll be driving the Moto3 class now with first-time spots. Let’s look forward to an exciting Q2 venue hunt!

8:38 am

God morning!

Welcome to the live MotoGP tape of the legendary Dutch TT in Assen! First of all, an exciting time hunt awaits us in the third training sessions, where important places in the second quarter are at stake. Today also we have to look at the weather because it may rain in the afternoon.

Saturday schedule:
09:00-09:40: Moto3 FT3
09:55-10:40 For FT3 Motorcycles
10:55-11:35: Moto2 FT3

12:35-12:50: Moto3 Q1
13:00-13:15: Moto3 Q2
1:30 PM – 2:00 PM: MotoGP FT4
2:10-2:25 p.m.: MotoGP Q1
2:35-2:50pm: MotoGP Q2
15:10-15:25 Moto2 Q1
15:35-15:50 Moto2 Q2
4:25 p.m.: MotoE Race 1 (7 laps)