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Very Old!  Ex-Laporta rival won't bring Robert Lewandowski to Barcelona

Very Old! Ex-Laporta rival won’t bring Robert Lewandowski to Barcelona

  • Andre Ochsner
    07/12/2022 – 6:00 pm
    Reading time: 1 minute
    Source: La Vanguardia

Robert Lewandowski’s move to FC Barcelona reached the home straight. Louis Passat can’t agree to the upcoming transfer.

According to Louis Passat commits Barcelona error if Robert Lewandowski shrinkage. Ten years ago, the Blaugrana expert said in an interview with La Vanguardia that he would have brought Lewandowski: “Now I won’t sign him anymore.”

Passat cites Lewandowski’s age, a fatal argument for the former presidential contender, which he has tried twice before. Lewandowski turns 34 in August, too old to match Passat’s taste.

However, the rug won’t stop the huge deal. According to the information of Polish journalist Mateusz Borek, it is likely that the star will move to the Camp Nou for an amount of 50 million euros. This was the last offer, about how much is supposed to fit that Bayern Munich An agreement will be reached soon.

Lewandowski returned from his vacation late on Monday evening and arrived in Munich. On Tuesday, the world governing footballer must complete mandatory checks before preparations begin.

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