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Chavengo continues his life in the United States

Chavengo continues his life in the United States

Aljona Chavengo is not over yet: Five weeks after the official end of her partnership with Bruno Masoto, the 2018 Olympic pair skating champion is surprisingly continuing her sporting career in the United States.

“I look forward to the next phase of my career and an exciting future,” the 37-year-old said Friday.

The 16-year-old American couple skater DJ, who finished fifth at the 2018 World Cup in Juniors. Nyman, the new ally of the native Ukrainians. The new couple is already training at a small performance center memorial near Colorado Springs.

The six-time world champion had long been expected to return with Masad, but the Frenchman decided to pursue a future career as a coach for family and health reasons.

The German Ice Skating Union (DEU) has already approved Chavez. “Above all she achieved for German figure skating, we did not want to put any obstacles in her way,” said DEU Sports Director Claudia Pfeiffer. For the past two years, Chavez has looked in vain for a strong German ally.

However, a joint start with Naiman at the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing has been ruled out due to different national races. However, the pair could qualify for the World Championships via the US Championships in Montpellier, France at the end of March 2022.

On the side of Masot and formerly Robin Solkovy, Chavengo won 23 international medals for the DEU. When he first competed in the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, he hit the ice for his native Ukraine.

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