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Check Accessibility in Excel Spreadsheets with Integrated Functionality in Excel – It’s That Easy

Accessibility should also make it easy to access documents of all kinds, and if you create your own Excel spreadsheets, it won’t hurt if you take the whole thing a little bit into account. In this little guide, we explain how you can check Excel documents you’ve created for accessibility directly in Excel.

In fact, everything is very simple from Microsoft 365. Open only one Excel document that you want to check and in the status bar at the bottom of the document you should also see the entry Accessibility: Check to be able to see. If this entry is missing, just right click on the status bar and then you can also select the entry in the menu that opens Accessibility: Check Watch them and tag them by clicking on them so you can also see them in the status bar.

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If the entry is available, just click on it and an area with warnings will open on the right side next to the table, where you can then see which parts were identified as unsuitable and why. If you click set the table view just jumps there, if you click the down arrow you can see all the entries. Also below you can get an explanation of what might be inappropriate here in terms of accessibility, so you can correct it and if you scroll down here there are also potential tips for correction.

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Author’s comment: This way you can check your Excel spreadsheets for accessibility.
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