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Ash wasn’t falling

Ash wasn’t falling

If you are a fan of horror games you will (with the right age) the silent Hill They have played. One of the few horror series that has been talked about and discussed a lot. The theme for the players is what flows in the sky. And the Masahiro ItoTechnical Director of Silent Hill 2 and 3Now explain what it is: ash or snow?

Why do you go? In the original Silent Hill (1999 edition), white dots light up the sky. There is an obvious moment in the game that proves that this is snow. Many players thought it was ashes.

Silent Hill: Ash or Snow? – The movie was to blame!

Why is there this misunderstanding? There were not only video games, but also movie adaptations. subordinate The movie, released in 2006, took some liberties Outside. He has collected many SH games including head of the pyramid From Silent Hill 2. In the movie, because of the “coal fire,” the city Smoke and ash swept Silent Hill had become. But not in games.

For the film settled screenwriter Roger Avary Inspired by the town of Centralia, Pennsylvania. There, he ignited a vein of coal underground, creating a danger zone leaving behind a ghost town.

Masahiro Ito Post a screenshot from the game where the characters have a dialogue saying that it’s snowing outside. So it’s definitely not ash!

The “real” Silent Hill didn’t have ashes

Although the game is set in the United States, the game city is not inspired by any real American city. On the contrary, Silent Hill designers drew their inspiration from a real place in Japan.

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ResetEra . users Dark Knight 2149 He has one for that comprehensive contribution I created it In Silent Hill it’s snow, not ash. He also dug up some archived lines from PlayStation Magazine.

The main question from PlayStation magazine at the time: What makes Silent Hill different from other games in the horror genre?

“It would be easy to identify the characteristics of Silent Hill if we look at the two main concepts we have focused on from the beginning. One is that the game is a kind of ‘modern American novel.'” The traditional rural town is the setting for the game, recreating the weird and frightening of the ordinary world.

This was one of the themes of the game. Another point on the technical side. Use light and dark effects to create a vibrant atmosphere with full polygons. Darkness is a staple of the game and we have developed an all-new light source engine specifically for this title.” Kiichiro Toyama in 1999 (via

who – which The original Silent Hill video game It was released on August 1, 1999 in Europe for PlayStation (PSX).

In line with this theme