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CHERRY MX 10.0N RGB . Mechanical Keyboard

CHERRY MX 10.0N RGB . Mechanical Keyboard

CHERRY, a manufacturer of computer input devices, now launches another mechanical keyboard – the Cherry MX 10.0N RGB.

The Cherry MX 10.0N RGB It is a premium mechanical keyboard yet is as thin as modern desktop keyboards. This is made possible by the CHERRY MX LOW PROFILE RGB SPEED adapters, which are manufactured exclusively in Germany. With a height of only 22mm, typing is ergonomically and comfortably possible even without the palm rest. This slim elegance contrasts starkly with the solid, solid housing made of metal. The foldable foot is also made entirely of aluminum. As a special feature, it folds up automatically once the keyboard is lifted. Whether with or without a stand, the keyboard is always stable and non-slip on the table.

All switches are equipped with RGB LEDs with up to 16.8 million colors. In addition to ready-made effects, you can also choose your own colors or light individual buttons individually. There is a choice between turning on color or monochrome lighting – and all this without installing any software. In order to program more individual effects, macros and professional settings, the CHERRY utility software is available – powerful software at no additional cost to get rid of them.

With 8MB of built-in memory, the keyboard remembers your last settings – even if they are disconnected at the same time. Anti-ghosting prevents the generation of “ghost keys”, i.e. characters that are ejected when multiple keys are pressed at the same time, even though they are not pressed at all. Thanks to the full scroll of keys, the keys can be pressed indefinitely at the same time without missing an input.

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Chery MX LOW PROFILE RGB SPEED Schalter Withstands more than 50 million operations per key. Despite the low overall height, the MX’s unique feel can be felt with every push of the button. The characteristics of the shunt are linear, that is, without mortising and without noticeable resistance. The switching point occurs after only one millimeter pre-travel. It is not necessary to press it to the ground. This not only increases reaction time, but also ensures that every keystroke is recorded on additional flat keys. A decisive advantage, not only for gamers, but also for everyday office life.

Due to its robust chassis, ultra-long durability and adjustable illumination, the MX 10.0N RGB is not only suitable for professional users, gamers and enthusiasts, but also for industrial applications and frequent writers. The flat mechanical keyboard can be used anywhere and is therefore quite versatile.

The Cherry MX 10.0N RGB Available from week 39 at RRP of €149.99.