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Children’s Book Reading Festival: Reading Festival from the School of Magical Animals

Internationally successful children’s book author Margit Orr, winner of the “Heidelberger Leander” children’s book award, will come to the Grabherhaus in Fürstenfeld at 4 p.m. on Thursday, February 2 at the invitation of the city library as part of her short trip to Austria.

The celebrant Author Margit Auer She lives with her family in a small town in Bavaria. Yours was launched in 2013 Magical Animals School book series for childrenIt became a bestseller. Until now 13 volumes published. All children’s books are there Also as an audiobook.

Guest show on February 2 at 4 pm in Fürstenfeld

Access to Margit Auer Children’s Novels A total of 8 million circulations worldwide Copy and were in 26 languages Translator. The theatrical adaptation was watched by more than 1.7 million viewers, which means that 2021/2022 the most successful German cinema I was. One of the locations was Gravenig Castle in Lower Austria.
Fürstenfeld guest performance program, which took place at Thursday, February 2, at 4 pm in the Grabher-Haus, Übersbachgasse 13 He starts standing up Multimedia readingQuestions and personal conversations Book and autograph table, books, drawing and craft stations About the “School of Magical Animals” and one Lottery with great prizes. Cakes and juices are served for refreshments. Submission is free.
Free seats. Space is limited.

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