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China accelerates nuclear proliferation

United States and China

The United States has submitted its annual defense report to the Chinese Congress.

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Washington China has significantly accelerated its nuclear arsenal expansion, according to US military estimates. This means that by 2027 China may have 700 operational nuclear weapons, according to the annual report released Wednesday to the Congress of Defense.

“The People’s Republic of China wants to have at least 1,000 warships by 2030.” Last year, the US Department of Defense predicted that China’s nuclear arsenal would more than double in less than a decade from over 200.

Last month, the United States released the number of its nuclear weapons for the first time in years. According to the US State Department, there were 3,750 nuclear weapons on September 30, 2020 – 55 less than the previous year. Since 1994, the United States has destroyed 11,683 nuclear weapons, the report said. The Stockholm Peace Research Institute estimates that the number of nuclear weapons in China is 350, according to a June report by China. Russia tops the list with 6,255 warships.

Behind Russia in the Sibri rating were the United States and China, followed by France (290), Great Britain (225), Pakistan (165), India (156) and Israel (90). As for North Korea, Sibri estimates that the country could have built or built 40 to 50 nuclear weapons, based on the fission materials it produces.

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