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US blacklists Israeli hacking and spyware companies NSO and Candiru

NSO Team

Based on the leaked data, the Global Media Federation submitted evidence earlier this year that NSO group spyware had been used to infiltrate the devices of journalists and activists.

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Richmond The U.S. government imposes export restrictions on two Israeli hacking and spyware companies, including the well-known NSO group. The company’s tools were used to carry out cross-border repression, which was justified.

Based on the leaked data, a global media consortium presented evidence earlier this year that NSO group spyware had been used to infiltrate endpoints on a number of targets. Journalists, activists and opposition activists in 50 countries have been affected.

The U.S. Department of Commerce said the NSO Group and Candiru would be added to the list of companies that have restricted access to U.S. components and technology and require government approval to export. The ministry justified the move with a request from the US government to promote human rights in foreign policy.

“The United States is committed to actively using export controls to conduct responsible companies that create, distribute or use technology to carry out malicious acts that threaten the cyber security of civil society members, dissidents, government officials and organizations at home and abroad,” Commerce Minister Gina Raymondo said in a statement.

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Positive Technologies, a Russian company, and Singapore-based Computer Security Initiative Consultancy have also been added to the list as cyber tools used to gain unauthorized access to IT systems have proliferated.

Researchers say the NSO group’s methods now make it possible for cell phones to be infected without any user contact. Microsoft It announced in July that it had blocked offers made by Candiru that used to spy on more than 100 people around the world, including politicians, human rights activists, journalists, academics and political opponents.

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