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China and the US prefer to use a direct route.

China and the US prefer to use a direct route.

Both sides agreed on “mutual access”. At the same time, Beijing has called on Washington not to intervene in conflicts between China and its neighbors.

Given the tensions surrounding the South China Sea and Taiwan, the US and China want to stay in touch to avoid dangerous escalations. The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday that the two sides agreed on mutual access to avoid misunderstandings and misjudgments. This was the conclusion of last Friday's discussion on maritime security.

China is seriously concerned about US violations and provocations in the nearby waters, the ministry said. The US has again called for non-interference in conflicts between China and its neighbours. The United States should immediately stop supporting pro-independence forces on the island of Taiwan. The US supports the democratically-ruled island with, among other things, arms supplies. China considers Taiwan a separate part of its own territory and has not ruled out using military means to enforce its claims.

The US should also stay out of territorial disputes in the South China Sea, according to demands from the government in Beijing. This includes, among others, a dispute over a group of islands between China and the Philippines. It was only last March that the US expanded military cooperation with the Philippines. (APA/Reuters)

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